New Gun Control in Oregon

New gun bills can be the beginning of the end.
 In February, Senator Floyd Prozanski (D-Eug)  says this time he is sure that he will have the votes he needs to pass the new Gun Control legislation going to the floor in February. This is not something for us (the tax paying, voting) citizens of Oregon to vote on. This will be determined by the people chosen to represent us.

 Prozanski says “I believe it will get an up or down vote because I was told it would get an up or down vote,”
  Having his strings pulled by Ginny Burdick, who I am surprised is not in jail for treason against the state of Oregon and the U.S.A., Prozanski is trying to get his toes in the door. This kind of gun legislation only hurts and affect law abiding citizens. Gun rights groups such as OFF (Oregon Firearms Federation) and GRAA can help only so much, but the real people with the ability to shut the door on Senator Prozanskis proverbial foot is you. Us the citizens and voters in Oregon. Let your senators know that we do not want new gun legislation. Especially those that are following blindly the senators that are pushing the same legislation that failed last year.
  They say that this is not a gun registration bill, but that is exactly what it is and it only causes problems for law abiding citizens not criminals.
  In the amount of time it takes to read this post, or put a picture on Facebook, or watch a set of commercials in the evening, you can send an email to your senator (even if you think yours is one of the good ones) and let them know that you (the voter that they are representing) do not want new gun laws.

I will make it easy for you (commercial break style)
Easy to copy and paste in your email
Their Email addresses are below

 Dear Senator,

        I am opposed to any new gun legislation in Oregon. We have enough gun control in our state and any more would be an unjust burden on law abiding citizens. I speak for myself and my family and all of my friends are like minded in this matter. We the people want you to vote Against any new gun legislation.

 Thank you for representing us how we feel in this matter.

                                               Thank you .                                            .

   Don't know your senators email address? Let me make it easy for you.

The bill is a replica of a bill that died during the 2013 session without a vote by the Senate or House. The only difference between the two proposals is the new bill expands the family transfer exception to include Aunts and Uncles passing their guns onto nieces and nephews, Prozanski said.

Don't Let Them Take Away Any More Rights

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